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Nautilus Designs was created by me, Nicky Allan, as a way to combine my love of creating with a love of the sea. 

I am a marine conservationist, SCUBA Instructor, jewellery maker and artist. I have collected seaglass from all over the world during my travels and work, and now turn it into beautiful and distinctive jewellery.

Naturally produced sea glass begins as pieces of glass that are rolled and tumbled in the ocean for many years, until they are smoothed and deposited on beaches for us to find. Each piece of glass is uniquely and beautifully flawed, and one of a kind.

As a conservationist, my focus in my professional and personal life is sustainability; I therefore use recycled silver wherever possible in my designs, as well as recyclable packaging. 

My style is simple, allowing the seaglass to stand out; if you have a particular piece in mind, please do get in touch. I am very happy to work with your own seaglass to create a piece that is special to you. 

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